SAAU Update

It’s been a few weeks since our last post, but for good reason, we’ve been busy at the SAAU. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve been doing.

The Lawson Recreation Project is only a few weeks away from completion. A recent visit to the Ska-Nah-Doht recreated village 20 minutes outside of London ON added some needed perspective as well as some fuel for our creative fires.

Below is Alan Bartholomew’s concept of the interior of a longhouse, and Andrew Coughlin’s depiction of the Lawson Site.

Last week, the SAAU received its first 3D non-contact digitizer: Konica Minolta’s Vivid 9i. The Vivid is billed as a general all purpose digitizer and from our perspective a great option, letting us capture artifacts that are a variety of sizes and shapes. The Vivid also captures color information, albeit at a low resolution. We’ve had a week to explore the Vivid’s capabilities and I’m happy to say that as a general digitizer it does the trick.

When it comes to details and nuance however, the Vivid falls a little short. Fortunately for us, that’s where the 3D3 white light scanning system should pick up the slack. I say ‘should’ because we’ve only just set the 3D3 system up, real testing won’t being until monday the 10th.

You can see in the above photo (apart from James’ hands and Mark’s shorts) a typical 3D3 digitizer setup. Two lenses are mounted on either side of a digital projector. The projector casts a grid of white light on the subject, the 2 lenses record the shift of the grid based on the angle of the lens itself and the movement of the grid. In this way the 3D3 software can triangulate the position of millions of points, creating a mesh object.

I’ll be blogging this week to fill out the details of our above scanning project, including uploading photos and video describing the process. In the meantime check out the 3D3 site for some really great scan samples.


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