SAAU awarded first ever MITACS grant for Archaeology

The Sustainable Archaeology Animation Unit (SAAU) is pleased to
announce it has been awarded the first ever Archaeological based
research funding grant by innovation-in-industry leader MITACS
( specifically for research and development in the
fields of 3D visualization, database development and for the
dissemination of digital artifacts and digitized archaeological sites.

This research grant augments previous funding received by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport through the Museum and Technology Fund as well as directly benefits industry partners such as
theskonkworks incorporated, The Museum of Ontario Archaeology as well
as Western University by helping to establish new techniques in 3D
digitization as well as long-term 3D visualization pipelines, policies
and procedures. Further, MITACS funding helps create Animation co-op
placements at the SAAU from institutions such as Loyalist College.
These students are given the unique opportunity to take skills and
techniques intended for film & television production and apply them to
the burgeoning field of Scientific Visualization.

MITACS’ generous grant allows for a unique approach to archaeological
research, while providing real-world experience to students and
heritage value to both academics and the public.


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